Explore & discover living your life from the inside out with Powered By Genius

 Everything that appears in the physical realm is always connected with energy flow at the invisible level. 

                          - Nan Lu OMD, New York  

Powered By Genius serves as a guide, encouraging you to bring your Inner Genius forward

Cristina's calm strength empowers others.
She has a sense about everything that is important to people.
 - B.J. Phoenix, AZ. 

Embracing your Inner Genius to design and engage living your largest life

  When I work with Cristina
I always discover a deeper layer of myself
that is ready to be revealed.
     - M.R. Phoenix, AZ.  

I love  this book's commitment to Love and not fear. Powerful message.   - C.M. Bellingham, WA.

Create expanded living and learning with your Inner Genius

Once in awhile someone comes into your life at the right time, in the right place, and for the right reasons - someone who really makes a difference.
Cristina Whitehawk has been one of those special 'someones.
I was immediately impressed with her sense of self-empowerment, her commitment to being a dynamic change agent and her dedication to enrolling others into self-discovery and rising to their high potential.  

Cristina is a woman of great character, wisdom, and compassion. She has in her essence many words of healing and happiness, all of which she generously shares.
                             - B.J.S. Springville, UT.