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Doorways to Daily Soul Nurturance


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Doorways to Daily Soul Nurturance.

A Perpetual Calendar Offering Daily Inspirational Focus

  • Beautiful - Colorful free-spirited water color illustrations.
  • Supportive - "How is it Doorways always knows exactly what I need to know each day?"
  • Unique - Doorways begins with the Spring Equinox, the time of new beginnings.
  • Excellent Value - Is useable year after year; speaking differently to you each year.


 "I love this calendar - I go thru it one day at a time year after year and it still inspires me. Thanks, Cristina." 

Julie Newendorp, Santa Barbara, CA.

My Ticket To Ride: From Cancer To Flourishing *


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Compelling Memoir

A Stage 3C ovarian cancer diagnosis propels the author on an intense journey of walking the talk and walk of her 35+ years of personal growth and development. 

 · Hope - 30+ Mystical Moment Previews guiding the author to    remission and wellness 

· Power Perspective - Why Cristina loved the cancer instead   of hating, fighting or killing it. 

· Enlightening - How Cristina combined complementary   Body-Mind-Spirit approaches with the   allopathic medical   approaches 

 · Forgiveness - How she used forgiveness to  heal 

· Inspiring - How a young cancer patient took the Cristina’s   healing ideas one step further to help  children with cancer 

  take charge of their healing 

· Action - The importance of taking action in order to   manifest healing 


Heart Of Courage : Solutions For Undoing What Fear Created *


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Companion Workbook to My Ticket To Ride From Cancer To Flourishing.

Each of the exercises weave one into the other creating a circle of solutions for your life situatiosns. They are timeless so they can be used repeatedly to bring clarity around a particular circumstance requireing your attention.  

Prereading My Ticket To Ride: From Cancer To Flourishing not necessary.


Conscious Dying—Conscious Grieving: Creating The Change Necessary To Heal

Cristina Whitehawk

  Those of us left behind besides feeling sorrow, emptiness and loss, can also feel bewildered.


 Bewildered by: ·Why my loved one? • Why now? • Who am I now without their physical presence? • Why does this happen?   

In this memoir about my grief and my healing over my 39 year old son's death, I do my best to embrace this bewilderment. For by embracing it, I also embrace its healing answers. 

I choose to discover who I am now that this life event has unfolded before me. How do I gather its richness and allow it to contribute to my life? How do I allow myself to know and feel its offerings?  

Available late fall 2018