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My Ticket To Ride: From Cancer To Flourishing

  • Hope - 23 Mystical Moment Previews guiding the author to remission and wellness
  • Power Perspective - Why Cristina loved the cancer instead of hating, fighting or killing it.
  • Enlightening - How Cristina incorporated Body-Mind-Spirit approaches with the allopathic medical actions
  • Strength - Cristina's openess to being vulnerable strengthened her and increased healing.

Available Fall 2017

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the introduction and first chapter of my memoir My Ticket To Ride: From Cancer to Flourishing.

Doorways To Daily Soul Nurturance


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Doorways To Daily Soul Nurturance: A Perpetual Calendar for Daily Inspirational Focus

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Conscious Dying. Conscious Grieving.

Creating The Change Necessary To Heal

Cristina Whitehawk

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  Those of us left behind besides feeling sorrow, emptiness and loss, can also feel bewildered.   Bewildered by: · Why my loved one? · Why now? · Who am I now without their physical presence? · Why does this happen?   

In this memoir I do my best to embrace this bewilderment. For by embracing it, I also embrace its answers. I choose to discover who I am now that this life event has unfolded before me. How do I gather its richness and allow it to contribute to my life? How do I allow myself to know and feel its offerings?  

Available 2018