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Doorways to Daily Soul Nurturance


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Doorways to Daily Soul Nurturance.

A Perpetual Calendar Offering Daily Inspirational Focus

  • Beautiful - Colorful free-spirited water color illustrations.
  • Supportive - "How is it Doorways always knows exactly what I need to know each day?"
  • Unique - Doorways begins with the Spring Equinox, the time of new beginnings.
  • Excellent Value - Is useable year after year; speaking differently to you each year.


 "I love this calendar - I go thru it one day at a time year after year and it still inspires me. Thanks, Cristina." 

Julie Newendorp, Santa Barbara, CA.

Doorways to Daily Soul Nurturance.


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My Ticket to Ride: From Cancer to Flourishing

  A Stage 3C ovarian cancer diagnosis propels the author on an intense journey of walking the talk and walk of her 35+ years of personal growth and development. 

 · Hope - 23 Mystical Moment Previews guiding the author to remission and wellness 

· Power Perspective - Why Cristina loved the cancer instead of hating, fighting or killing it. 

· Enlightening - How Cristina incorporated Body-Mind-Spirit approaches with the allopathic medical   actions 

 · Forgiveness - How forgiveness heals 

· Inspiring - How a young cancer patient took the author’s healing ideas one step further and helped   children with cancer take charge of their healing process  

· Action - The importance of taking action in order to manifest healing 

Available 2018  

Take a peek

• Introduction

• Table of contents 

• First chapter  

• List of all Mystical Moment Previews contained in My Ticket to Ride: From Cancer to Flourishing.  


"I love this book's commitment to Love, not fear. Powerful message."

Carolyne Milling, Bellingham, WA.

Conscious Dying. Conscious Grieving.

Creating The Change Necessary To Heal

Cristina Whitehawk

  Those of us left behind besides feeling sorrow, emptiness and loss, can also feel bewildered.   Bewildered by: · Why my loved one? Why now?  Who am I now without their physical presence? Why does this happen?   

In this memoir I do my best to embrace this bewilderment. For by embracing it, I also embrace its answers. I choose to discover who I am now that this life event has unfolded before me. How do I gather its richness and allow it to contribute to my life? How do I allow myself to know and feel its offerings?  

Available 2018