Oct. 2017 Newsletter - Son's Death & Ovarian Cancer

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      Welcome   Back!          It’s been almost 3 years since I sent a newsletter. Written below is the why. This newsletter will be a bit long, however, I wanted to share my story with you. I’m a believer we all learn, grow and heal through each other’s stories.
 Also, see the gifts offered to you at the end of the newsletter. 

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  Many of you receiving this newsletter knew me as a Brain Gym® instructor, took Brain Gym classes from me, scheduled private Brain Gym sessions or invited me to present in your schools and workplaces. For this I am grateful.

Some of you knew me as a personal growth facilitator and attended my annual Focus Your Intention For the New Year workshops. Or perhaps you attended other of my workshops like The Inner Business of You, The Power of Self or Phenomenal Women are Abundant Receivers, to name a few.

Others of you I have met through networking, travel and the co-creation of community service groups.  

The Why of the Reinvention

  2 Major Events

  • My 39-year old son became ill and died at home.
  • 6 months after my son’s death I was diagnosed with  stage 3C ovarian cancer 

The Reinvention Created Gifts

  • I am in my 3rd year of remission from cancer –      yayyy!
  • My priorities are  now AuthorSpeakerEmpowerment Facilitator
  • I am publishing a new   book: My Ticket To Ride: From Cancer to Flourishing. The cover is being      designed right now. I’m so excited! 
  • I will also be publishing   a book about grieving and its healing process. Grieving is an individual      process. Hopefully my stories can be of support and encouragement

My 2 Gifts For You

  • A  weekly inspirational message from Doorways  to Daily Soul Nurturance: A Perpetual Calendar for  Daily Inspiration via email or Facebook.  Welcome aboard if you’d like to participate.
  • A PDF of the first chapter of My Ticket To  Ride: From Cancer to Flourishing. It includes the Author      Greeting, Introduction, The Three Areas of Focus, Table of Contents and a list of the 23 Mystical Moment Previews showing me I would be well.

  This PDF is an informative read for anyone personally dealing with cancer or has a family member, friend, neighbor or coworker experiencing cancer.
   My initial readers who went over the first draft said even though the book was about cancer, learning what I did to heal myself can be applied to any disease process. They’re right!