Accessing Your Inner Kaleidoscope of Knowing

Let's Do The Impossible!

“The future has many names. For the weak it is unattainable. For the fearful it is the unknown. For the bold it is opportunity.” – Victor Hugo

Kaleidoscope Workshop

Accessing and Focusing Untapped Potential

You are a multi-faceted kaleidoscope of potential. Guided by a simple writing exercise, you will draw out from your Kaleidoscope of Knowing the foundational intention on which any goals you choose to set will be well-supported.

This intention-setting workshop IS about you creating the fertile ground on which your goals can flourish. By playing with words and the feeling they convey for you a cornerstone is created on which your life objectives are supported.

 As usual, Cristina brings me from my head to my intuition which is much smarter and wiser . Kristine Quade, EdD, JD, MSOD. Mesa, Az.

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Making Friends with Life's Disruptors

Exploring a 5-Step process to Reap the Benefits of Life's Disruptors.   

Disruption is a part of life. Rather than become a victim of life disruptions what if we changed our perception about them? We will look at a five step process that keeps us consciously in charge of how we choose to be with disruption when it enters our lives.

Receiving is a Sacred Act

 “The more you receive, the more you have to offer. The more you have to offer, the easier it is to create win-win-win situations in all facets of your life.”  - Cristina Whitehawk  


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