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Available  2017!
From Cancer to Flourishing: My Ticket to Ride
Cristina Whitehawk

 A Stage 3C ovarian cancer diagnosis propels the author on an intense journey of walking her 30+ years of self-empowerment talk.

Ticket views cancer from the standpoint of how our mind informs our body, 
The importance of personal self-mastery
How Divine Intelligence always speaks to us and guides us

The Power of Change • A Ticket to Ride • Down the Cancer Rabbit Hole • Sacred Eagle Feathers • Choice Making • Forgiveness • Cancer is a facade 
Cancer as Ally • Loving What Is • What is Healing What is Cure? • The Language of Healing • Know Thy Body - Know Thyself • Optimizing My Life's Momentum • Discovering  and Embracing the New Me • Remission. Now the Real Journey Begins 

Cristina chronicles 22 Mystical Moment Previews she experienced from diagnosis to her remission celebration,
each one pointing her toward recovery.

$18.95 paper back
order now at the pre printing price of $13.95

Doorways to Daily Soul Nurturance...
A Perpetual Calendar for Daily Inspirational Focus
by Cristina Whitehawk
Illustrated by Susan Thornberry

~ a distinctive, elegant choice for your gift-giving celebrations ~

     More than a calendar, Doorways is a companion for your ongoing journey through life. With gentle Doorways reflections, you will greet each day with thanksgiving, praise and gratitude for another opportunity to experience the infinite ways in which you are spiritually nurtured.
     Surrounded by colorful, free-spirited artwork, each daily Doorways page reminds you of the joy, peace and sense of connection that is your own true inner state. Since the Doorways pages are grouped by season -- starting with the Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, Winter Solstice -- your journey becomes a reflection of the ongoing cycle of Nature, and can be used year after year. In this way, Doorways is a gift -- to yourself and others -- that truly keeps on giving.
     For ease of use Doorways to Daily Soul Nurturance is spiral bound, 5 1/4” tall, and 4 1/2” wide. Its sturdy A-frame design allows it to attractively stand on your altar, desktop or nightstand. We invite you to begin your Doorways journey: Turn the rose-colored heart doorknob at each zodiac door and enter into the next nurturing season, experience and process for your soul.
376 pp. $26.95 

The Path of Love

by Lilliana Edwards
Illustrated by Beth Fogus Fike

     The Path of Love represents a map of the heart via the roadways of love. Allow yourself to follow these roadways that you might live again. Remember God, who stands at the center of your beingness, and as you remember, know that you are not alone - you have never been alone.
    The  Illustrator Beth Fogus Fike, is a quadriplegic, who draws with a pencil in her mouth.  Enjoy more of Beth's work at

87 pp. $19.95 

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Body Yoga
by Emily Slonina

This encouraging guide introduces the spiritual and physical benefits of yoga and explains how readers can learn to work with their own body type to practice postures safely and effectively. Sections include Chair Yoga, Bed Yoga, Travel Yoga, Office Yoga, and Anywhere Yoga.
Author Emily Slonina is a Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, Laugh Yoga Instructor, Trager® Neuromuscular Re-Education Practitioner, Reiki Master.
132 pp. $14.95 
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