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Happy New Year!

How to Skip the Need for New Year Resolutions and Will Power to Create Your Desired Changes for 2015

Cristina Whitehawk, Author & Creator of Focus Mentoring for Empowered Professionals

     One of the purposes of a resolution is to create a new mindset, thus a happier way of living your life.  In this new year you can choose to move forward with a mindset free of old habit patterns of resistance.  Resistance is what keeps us stuck and unhappy with our lives.  It keeps us in the past, repeating past patterns over and over, or worrying about how the future might be.  Resistance keeps us from enjoying the now moment where the power to create is located.  When we are not in the now moment, we are not happy.
     We are so unconscious to our habituated ways of thinking and acting we don’t notice the r
esistance we might have to a new idea, a new action or a new way of thinking.  Yet we yearn for our life to be different.   Here is an easy solution to direct yourself to create the change you desire.

  1. Notice when you are feeling resistant to something in your environment.  Just notice it without judgment.  Notice how your body feels when you are in this place of resistance.  Again, just notice without resisting the resistance.  Just fully feel the resistance for a short minute.
  2. Then smile.  When you smile, the resistance melts away.  Notice how your body feels now compared to before smiling. There was no need to struggle with what the cause of  resistance was, no need to “make it go away” or make it different or be unhappy about it in anyway.  You just smiled.  When smiling you create the non-resistant focus of happiness.  You are now able to enjoy being in the now moment.  
     May your 2015 be filled with the power of noticing, smiling and new ways of being!  
     Please share your smile experiences. I love hearing them.

     For more info on the health effects of smiling: http://longevity.about.com/od/lifelongbeauty/tp/smiling.htm

© 2015 Cristina Whitehawk. All Rights Reserved.,




Goal Setting 
I’ve Been Doing It Wrong (for me) All These Years!

Cristina Whitehawk, Author & Creator of Focus Mentoring for Empowered Professionals

   For more years than I choose to recall, I would set my goals each new year, take the necessary actions and watch as the year unfolded how the goals were rarely fulfilled. I would experiment with various approaches and mindsets, still the same disappointing results. Year after year it was like there was another me (I discovered this to be true) who went off and followed her own agenda for the year.  Sometimes this was a blessing, most of the time I would feel torn apart from the frustration of struggling with experiencing the goals as unmaterialized.
   This perception would then set off a lot of beating myself up, feeling angry, ashamed and confused. “What’s wrong with me?” seemed to be the rallying point around which I lived my life when it came to achieving my goals. Yet, in my mentoring business, my clients were effortlessly reaping amazing results after a few sessions with me. They as well as I were always in awe of and celebrated their wondrous results.  What was missing for me?
   This year, 2015, a friend sent an email reminder about setting goals for the new year. Her goals were clearly laid out in a beautiful graphic she had created. “Ok, this year I will do this and succeed,” I promised myself.  After all, I had made some major changes in my life in 2014 after receiving a cancer diagnosis in November 2013 and gone through the rarely pleasant procedures that brought me into remission. “I can set these goals this year ‘cuz I have nothing to lose.”       
   After receiving my friend’s email, due to resistance on my part, it took me a couple of weeks to get around to setting up the time to set my goals for 2015.  As I began jotting down my desired 2015 direction, I felt the old resistance being aroused. When I meet with resistance,  I do my best to inquire into what it is about.  So as I proceeded laying out the 2015 plan feelings of resistance would make themselves known. I would get up from my computer, sit on my couch with my feet up on the couch, cover myself with my ‘blanky’ and get quiet.  I would sit with whatever the resistance was about, breathing in and out until it dissipated and I could feel the physical relief which notified the shift had taken place. (It took just a few minutes). Back
to the computer I would go to set the next step for my 2015 journey. Eventually resistance would pop up again. I’d return to the couch, put my feet up, cover myself with the blanky, breathe, feel the shift and return to my computer. This happened four times over a period of several hours and then… I finally had the light bulb moment! 
   All those years I had been trained to pursue/chase after my goals. I saw how it was a frustrating carrot and stick approach to living that just didn’t work for me.  I was doing it all backwards! I was going against everything I believed about allowing my life to unfold. I had promised myself during the cancer experience I would never chase after anything again, I would only allow what wanted to unfold in my life to unfold. I knew this would take a lot of trust - old habits aren't changed overnight. After this revelation, as I looked at my 2015 goals again, I saw them as what I wanted to attract into my life, to allow into my life instead of goals I had to chase They were the same goals as they were before this realization, before addressing the resistance, however, now they felt like part of me, not something separate from me I had to go out, chase down and find. I finally recognized and embraced that “other me” I had ignored who had for years and years done her best to get my attention. Once I experienced this "aha," a feeling of peace at being one with this other me who had been ignored and shoved aside for so long was magnificent! I know and feel “she” and I as one will have a fantastic 2015 amazing ourselves at all we allow to flow into our life.  A great example of expanded living and learning!
© 2015 Cristina Whitehawk. All Rights Reserved.

Cristina Whitehawk is the author of Doorways To Daily Soul Nurturance; A Book For Daily Inspirational Focus and a forthcoming book, A Ticket To Ride: Loving (Not Fighting) Cancer.  She enjoys facilitating clients and groups using her “Focus Mentoring for Empowered Professionals” approach for creating their ideal life.  Cristina can be reached at Cristina@PoweredByGenius.com, Http://www.PoweredByGenius.com



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